A nod to our Australian roots, we offer top quality pub meals and a casual dining experience. A fusion of modern twists and hearty favourites, from our famous chicken schnitzel to our juicy grain-fed rump steak. The Edinburgh Castle is a standout CBD lunch and dinner destination.



Josie's Marinated Olives  (gf, nf, vg) | 9

Kade's Falafel, Toum, lemon, sumac (gf, nf, vg) | 12


Crispy Calamari, pickled fennel, lime aioli (nf, gf, df) | 18


Fried chicken wings | 6 for 16 or 12 for 24 

Potato Scallops, green tomato chutney  (v, df, nf) | 10





Pumpkin & Quiona Salad

Roasted pumpkin, orange, quinoa, toasted seeds, kale, coconut yogurt (nf, gf, vg) | 19


Beetroot & Hazelnut Salad

Kale, radicchio,radish, smoky eggplant, sherry mustard dressing (gf, vg, df) | 19


Add ons
Avocado (nf, gf, df, vg) | 5

Haloumi (nf, v) | 5

Falafel (nf, gf, vg) | 7

Grilled or fried chicken | 7





Eddy Cheese Burger

Lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion, ketchup, American mustard & chips (nf) | 22


Kade's Falafel Burger

Lettuce, tomato, pickles, herbs, green goddess, chip (nf, v) | 22


Jerk Chicken Burger

Lettuce, tomato, pickles, spicy mayo, chips (nf) | 22



Add ons

Bacon (nf, gf, df) |  3

Cheese (nf, gf, v) | 3

Beef Patty (nf, gf, df) | 5

Falafel (nf, gf, vg) | 5

Gluten Free Bun (gf, v) | 4




Pa Seared Potato Gnocchi

Peas, charred onion, leek, pecorino (nf, v) | 28


Crispy Skinned Salmon

Warm kipler potato salad, seeded mustard, salsa verde, kale, lemon (nf, df, gf) | 32


Schnitty Stacker

Mashed potatoes, mushy peas, gravy (nf) | 24


Chicken Parmi 

Chips & slaw (nf) | 26


Swiss Brown Mushroom Risotto

Enoki, truffle, rocket, grana padano (v, nf) | 32


250g Grain Fed Rump Steak 

Chips, watercress, choice of sauce (nf) | 32


Add ons

Mash (nf, gf, v) | 6

Mushy peas (nf, gf, v) | 5

Sauce | 2

Gravy | Pepper | Mushroom | Aioli | Lime Mayo | Mustards | Cafe de Paris





Creamy Mash Potato 

Brown butter (gf, v, nf) | 8 


Green Leaf Salad

Radish, cucmber, pickled onion, lemon dressing (gf, df, vg, nf) | 8


Charred Broccoli 

Harissa, herbs, smoke almonds (gf, vg, df) | 10



Ketchup, chicken salt (gf, v, nf) | 10



v - vegetarian | vg = vegan | df - dairy free | gf - gluten free | nf - nut free 


We take your allergy and dietary requirements very seriously. Please advise your needs at time of booking and our Chefs and kitchen team will do their best to accommodate you.




Monday: Closed 

Tuesday: 12pm-2pm, 5pm-8pm

Wednesday - Saturday: 12 - 3pm, 5pm - 9pm
Sunday: Closed