Monthly Trivia at The Eddy 


Wednesday 15 December: Die Hard 

 From 6:30pm 


"Yippee-Ki-Yay Motherf*****" it's Die Hard time! It's our final trivia of the year and what better than to go out with a bang, John McClane style. 


Bring your bravest mates down to the Eddy on Wednesday 15 December and see how much you can remember from the iconic film series Die Hard for a chance to win some awesome prizes and the greatest prize of all, glory! 


Question 1: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? We'll let you decide that one. 


"Welcome to the party, pal!" 



Our monthly trivia is the perfect chance to catch up with your friends for beers and some friendly competition. Eddy trivia is free to play, just gather your team, book a table and settle in for a fun night!

Coming soon 


Wednesday 2 February: The US Office Trivia 


Wednesday 2 March : Quentin Tarantino Film Trivia